Verbindung Arduino / Unity - Research Diary

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Work in Process - I am nut sure how this works myself jet, but I am documenting the process.

I am working with ARDUINO UNO and UNITY 2018.4.8f

No Assets (haven't got it to work yet):

[1] --> the setup in Arduino works perfectly fine, but I have trouble to implement the port (it's minute 10:06 in the tutorial). I could not implement the name space SerialPort, because I can't find the "resolve" option if I right click. So I can't assign it to the new library.

trouble shoot:

  • Unity versions differ to much 2012/2018)?

--> trying to find a different way to implement the SerialCommunication

Using Ardity Custom Package (free)


you can download the package on github [3]

Next I am going to have a look at this tutorial: