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When creating work for other people to interact with or participate in, one can’t anticipate how they will act or react to the situations one is creating. In interaction design the “Wizzard-of-Ozz” prototyping method is about creating a mock-up prototype of a technical idea so that you can test it on a user/audience before putting in the work to create a technically working version.

For example: you expect the audience to push the up arrow to turn the volume up and the down arrow to turn the volume down. Place the two buttons but don’t wire them up, simply have a human observe the buttons being pressed and in turn turn the volume knob up or down.

This method of research gets its name from the story by L.F. Baum. In the story, the Wizard fools everyone by creating a vision of himself to look powerful by using a set of controls while he hides behind a curtain concealing the reality of the situation.