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Are you stuck? No matter if with a technical or creative issue, simply telling somebody else about it will do work towards getting yourself unstuck.

This works because the act of formulating your issue (in words) to communicate it with another human, challenges you to think differently about what your issue is. The other person need not be a colleague or an expert in the matter, but it will help you to address a real person so that you are forced to take it seriously and formulate your issue with a specific other person in mind. Whether or not the other person understands your issue is secondary, because the first part of this method is on you: for you to (re)formulate your issue from an experience into words. Oftentimes this act of (re)formulating already “solves” your problem by providing you with the next thing to try.

Don’t expect a solution from the other person, but rather listen to them and use anything that they say as a stepping stone to viewing your issue from a different perspective.