Share your fruits with their seeds

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We benefit from the knowledge that people have published (on the internet). Why not be a person who shares too! Taking time to document and share your knowledge or creative process is also an opportunity for organizing yourself and appreciating what you have achieved.

If you think you don’t have anything valuable to share, think again: every process is a journey of learning and mastering new skills, situations, techniques - you just have to take some time to think about what it is that you could share. Maybe ask somebody who knows your work to help you identify what this could be.

There are many classic formats for sharing knowledge such as: “Step-by-step” instructions, “how-to” video tutorials, explanations, diagrams…. If you are unsure what format(s) would be best for your content, start by looking at how other people have shared their knowledge.

While you can set up your own website, wiki, you can also make use of existing platforms specifically for sharing - such as: wikipedia, hackday, github…..