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we work better when we are playing together

Filling out player cards is a chance to reflect upon how you work well in a team, and to then share this information with the other players you are playing working with. This playful method is similar to personal user manuals/guides in that it prompts you to describe yourself and how you work in relation with others.

All players should have the same amount of time to fill out their cards. Either allowing them a whole day or a minimum of 10minutes to fill out their own card by themselves. Then players come together and show their cards to one another. They could all be hung on a wall and everybody has time to look over all cards first. But it is important to take time that each player introduces their own card and there is time for others to ask clarifying questions. This exercise could be followed by a concrete group meeting on:

- “how could we improve our working times”

- “let's rethink who is responsible for what tasks, based on skills and interests”

- “what skills in our team are not being used?”

Print out the cards (can be A5, A4 or A3 size): link coming soon