How to go on a treasure hunt in the basement?

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First of all, greed every human being you see in and around the theatre, all the time with a friendly smile and a short “Hello” or “Hi”. Second of all, try to understand what every part and/or department can and what they can ́t do. Third of all, l prevent writing too many emails. Call or even better show your face and ask in person. Try to solve problems for them as well. Earn trust and don’t blame anyone. Ask for solutions and don’t tell people what to do. Even though you know exactly how to solve your problem. Create interesting problems for people to solve. Be prepared. Many things are hidden in the theatre basement, you only get access to those treasures if you earned trust. If you found one take your paper and pen out of your tool bag. Write your production name, your mobile phone number, a date when you want to pick it up and last but not least “Reserviert” in all caps on a sheet of paper. Take your tape and glue your note firmly on your hunted treasure.