ESP8266 Lolin mit Arduino

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Wemos D1 mini is a simple wifi board. It has 9 digital pins but only 1 analog pin! All of the IO pins run at 3.3V. Pinout>>

Programming the ESP8266 from the Arduino IDE

add link to board manager URL

To use the Wemos D1 board you have to add link to bard manager URL:

Menu: Preferences --> Additional Boards Manager URLs:,

install board

Menu: Tools --> Boards --> Boards Manager: search for: D1 Install: "ESP8266" by ESP8266 Community

choos board and port

Menu: Tools --> Board: LOLIN(WEMOS) D1 mini ... Menu: Tools --> Port: COM...

For using ESP8266 with Arduino, you can also use the desktop App or any other MQTT Broker.