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Inspired by cards used at Pier9 to keep their shared workshops clean and tidy. Followed by fresh scones from a local bakery.

Intended to make a weekly routine among individuals who share a workshop or work-space. This card deck contains a selection of tasks for cleaning, taking care of, and creating new solutions together. The group decides on a day of the week to meet for one hour to play the cards. The cards in the following deck can be used as is or modified and new cards can be created.

Clean Cards

These cards should cover all tasks that need to be done to keep the workshop clean and tidy.

Concrete examples:

- Wipe surfaces

- Sweep/vacuum/wipe floors

- Clean windows

- Sort screws

- Sort tool draw

- Untangle cables

- Take out recycling, trash

Care Cards

These cards consider all the regular wear and tear to the tools and space and what needs to be done to keep everything in good working condition. What should be checked for damages and what needs regular maintenance?

Tasks may include:

- inspecting tools or surfaces for damage and taking note

- buying/ordering replacement parts to repair damaged tools and infrastructure

- to do repairs when repair/replacement materials are available

Concrete examples:

- Oil machines

- Check all cutting blades for sharpness

- Replace broken blades

- Sharpen blades

Create Cards

These cards prompt you to take time to inspect the tools/space, possibly ask around for what bothers people, and take time to invent some new idea/solution that improves the space.

It can be sufficient to have only one card in this category, but if the workshop/space is big, separate prompts could include:. Are the most frequently used tools and materials in the most easily accessible spaces? Is there any unused space that would be ideal for storing something? Could things be moved around to improve the layout of the space? Ask users of a specific tool if there is something that bothers them about the condition of the tool or how it is stored, used….

Concrete examples of inventions might be:

- Better labels (on tool draws, recycling bins…)

- Better lighting

- Organize and rearrange more power sockets where needed

- Create more appropriate storage for certain tools

To help insure attendance and good spirits it can help to arrange for somebody to bring fresh baked goods each time that may only be consumed by those who fulfilled their card’s task.

For example:

every wednesday

9-10:00 cccards together

10-10:30 enjoy tea and fresh croissants together


download PDF of card deck >>

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