MQTT what?

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Essentially the MQTT(Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) protocol is designed for the Internet Of Things (IoT)-Devices for more in-depth info go to Wikipedia. Link

What do you need?

  • an MQTT-server running
  • its IP-Address

How does it work?

You publish a message to a topic on a broker identified through its IP-Address. Every device which subscribed to this topic will get the message. The structure is more like a message board. It uses the TCP protocol to send data. You can run your broker locally or cloud-based.

Why MQTT in theatre?

There is no special need to use MQTT in theatre it is unlike OSC not made for show control, but it is easier to handle if you have a set up with multiple devices. Also there is a nice YouTube tutorial how to use MQTT and NodeRED to make a Exit-Room "Engine".

Example Tutorials

MQTT Communication between multiple ESP´s with Raspberry Pi as broker