How to get more out of your art?

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If you want to get more out of your art(ists output), you will have to

  • document the research process
    • in a way that can be understood/read/consumed outside of your performances
  • document the processes of the workshops / third party companies / programmers / researchers
    • e.g. how to build the scaffolding for this set design?
    • e.g. how to do this makeup?
    • e.g. how to weld this special mic stand?
    • e.g. how to use this custom made piece of software?
  • publish these documentations
  • Plan the documentation and its publication when you sign up artists for their work. It takes time. Often even more time than the actual artistic process/rehearsals. That is normal and okay. Fight for your artists right to do a little less or shorter or more like a prototype! They can only use their time to also document their processes if they have the time. Premieres are overrated.

Accept that the audience for your process' documentation is most likely NOT the people who come to your theater performances.

The techniques that are applied by your artists as well as your workshops, technicians, make up artists, costume designers, set designers, researching dramaturges are possibly the actual products of the artistic process

Those documentations can be done in more ways than just one (Video, Text, Workshops open to the public, Audio, Research-Logs, technical drawings) but they shall not only be mouth-to-mouth between people inside of your institution.