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Im Rahmen von Game on Stage ist dieser Code entstanden der es möglich macht über WiFi durch das MQTT Protocol DMX_Signale zu senden. Mehr Details gibt es in der Readme im Git.

benötigte Hardware:

ESP8266 zum Beispiel Wemos D1 oder NodeMCU 


ESP32 zum Beispiel Lolin Lite ESP32

für das Wifi und fürs DMX eine Connector mit einem

MAX485 Chip plus connector   



und diese Skripte aus dem Git:

Order of Operation:

1. wire up your hardware: the black wire of the Groove connector goes to the Ground Pin on your ESP Board, the red one on the 3.3V pin and the yellow to a TX_Pin, the white one is NC(Not Connected) - 17 on ESP LOLIN - D4 on Wemos. --- connect the device you want to control with DMX (DIMMER, LED Par, ...)

2. connect your ESP - if you use the hardware I mentioned you just need to connect it via a micro-USB cable to your computer. BEWARE: in case of the WEMOS you need to install a driver. - because the chip is not directly connected to your computer it communicates to another chip and for this chip you need a driver.

3. install your micropython as mentioned on the website

4. copy the scripts from the git on your computer

5. open up the and change the number of your tx_pin(17 on ESP32 LOLIN and 2 on wemos) - save

6. open up the and change the UART port 1 for WEMOS 2 for LOLIN - save

7. copy the scripts to your chip via rshell

8. disconnected the chip

9. open up an MQTT Broker like mosquitto from eclipse on your computer and find out your IP address

10. power up your chip now it doesn't have to be connected to your computer anymore, but you should leave it on because it acts as your MQTT Broker now.

11. connect to this wifi "DMX_MQTT_CONTROLLER" with password: dmxmqttwifi

12. open any browser on your computer and go to the IP by typing it into the address field.

13. choose the wifi you want to connect to enter its password and your brokers IP(a.k.a. the IP of your computer) and Client_ID(should be unique for every chip in the network)

14. choose how many DMX_Channels you want to control - at least 1 up to max. 512

15. after you submit the chip will reset and your program is running

16. the chip will open up topics according to your channels so to put channel one to 100percent send 255 to the topic DMX_CH_1