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  • This Project builds on the Free (but not Open Source) Unity Engine Software[1]. This project uses Unity Release 2019.3.10f1.
  • The Source Code and Project Files can be found here[2].
  • It uses the Open-Source Networking Library Mirror[3].
  • For a similar Project, that is actually fully Open Source, please see Paolo Pedercini's LIKELIKE Arcade[4].

Project Goals

The goal of this Project is to provide a sample implementation of a shared Virtual Space, with different examples for User Representation and Interaction. Currently, the following Representations have been implemented:

  • 2D Simple SpriteSheet Characters
  • 3D Simple Billboards (using the same Spritesheets as above)
  • 3D Skinned Mesh

We are also doing our best to document the code as much as possible, so you can get an idea of how all of this has been put together.


Please download the latest Release from the Releases Page on the Github Repository and follow the instructions outlined there.

Example for Online-Server

This tutorial show how to set up a webserver via linode. They are of course a lots of other ways even self hosting your multiuser room on a raspberry pi.