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This is a Tryout of different formatting stuff found on the internet

Does this work?

I think it does?

  • Or?
    • mhh
      • MHHH!

okay so we got '''bold''' and ''italic'' and bold and italic which is '''''five times'''''

let's cut it here

New round: lists:

  • yes it has worked.
    what do you mean by that?
    I think there are no empty spaces...
    but I can have different tabs?
    I think so.

ahhh okay krass, aber ein zeilenumsprung in der liste (oben) geht nicht...good to know!!!

  1. learn those comments
      • structure one page
      • actually curate the content
    1. what if we want to br
      eak a line?
  2. we're still at 1. ...okay so go back :)
definition of defintion lists
to define or not to define
not to define?
to define.

  1. to define or not to define and number
    mhhh quite fancy
  2. are we sure we're going to use that?
    maybe some day

what is preformatted text?

HTML Tags: underline strike umrandet

geht das so?

so geht ein blockzitat

geht das so?

und so ein zitat

 mehr Farben 
 noch mehr?