Smoothing analog sensor values

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If the sensor value on your analog pin has some unwanted amplitudes, you can smooth it with some tricks.

smoothing analog sensor values #1

Tremors can come from fluctuating power supply, interference or a circuit inside the Arduino chip.

In this example, we simply take a portion of the new measurement and combine it with a portion of the value measured last time. The part of the old value is always a bit bigger than the new value and so the new value influences the measurement but we overwrite the tremor.


int sensorValue;

void setup(){

void loop(){
sensorValue = analogRead(A0);
smoothValue = 0.6 * smoothValue + 0.4 * sensorValue; //you can tray with the values you multiply. It is just always under 1
Serial.print("\t"); //TAB

smoothing analog sensor values #2: running average

To smooth your sensor value, a simple line of code you can add to calculate the running average is: averageSensorValue = (averageSensorValue * (average-1) + currentSensorValue) / average;