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Look Mom, No Screens - Exploring less common remote communication styles and content.

We are interested to explore, document and share ways of communicating with other materials (both human and non-human) over distances larger than our bare bodies can send and receive.


History of Communication Technology

Tracing the history of human<--->human communication technologies is an interesting place to start understanding the technologies we are using today.

Contemporary Communication Technology

We will make use of popular contemporary communication technologies such as:

Unpopular Communication Technology

We also want to consider unpopular and historic means of sending and receiving information between entities over distances.


computer <---> computer


computer <---> computer


computer <---> computer



Screen Genealogies From Optical Device to Environmental Medium

edited by craig buckley, rüdiger campe, francesco casetti
PDF >>

Erich Hörl

Sacred Channels - The Archaic Illusion of Communication
Erich Hörl's Sacred Channels is an original take on the history of communication theory and the cultural imaginary of communication understood through the notions of the sacred and the primitive.

Look Mom, No Screens!