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Perspective (a definition)

a perspective is a very small thing. so small that you cannot see it, but you can see with it. because it is so small, it is easy to lose. but there are so many of them all over the place, that as soon as you lose one, another one attaches to you. perspectives are attracted to similar perspectives, so when you lose one perspective the new one that attaches to you is likely similar to the one you lost. in rare cases a very unfamiliar perspective latches on to you, and causes you to feel disturbed. unfamiliar perspectives are more likely to reach you if you are moving very slowly or really really fast, or looking very closely at something, especially if you are looking for a long time at your feet in the reflection of very quiet water.

Inhibition (a definition):

Inhibiting sounds like sleeping or holding back, something against progressing. However, it might refer to an awake, vital process that enables the existence, development, and survival of every living being. It is through inhibition that growth and thriving, as well as their contrasting counterparts of shrinking and decaying, are made possible. By inhibiting certain activities, organisms can protect their essential structures and conserve valuable energy resources up to centuries (f.e. in terms of high radioactive fallouts-> tardigrades or other extremophiles), allowing them to flourish when favourable conditions arise for interactions to occur. For us grown-ups, decayers, or inhibiters, it might be rather about active inhibiting... ...when there would not be the cry out of "feeling hungry".

(another definition) A mechanism of the human mind which distorts the reception of messengers (Botenstoffe), causing feedback loops in thought such that the affected mind is unable to translate thoughts into actions. The mechanism occurs when individual thought is unaffected by external touch for too long. The mechanism occurs in groups when individuals within the group have been observing their feet in the reflection of very quiet water for a long time (see definition: Perspective). Destruction (definition) One of two elements making up the process of change, the other being “construction”. DEStruction and CONstruction are interwoven mechanisms, they ensure that change is never abrupt, nor all-consuming and always has history.

Destruction (a definition)

Destruction in a broader sense might link to a critical analytical approach that aims to uncover hidden assumptions, power structures, and underlying meanings within techno-social systems, institutions, and discourses. It involves dismantling and examining the hierarchical, binary, and often oppressive frameworks that shape our understanding of social or technological phenomena. Through de(con)struction, complexities and contradictions of constructs are revealed, challenging established norms and inviting alternative perspectives and interpretations. (f.e. a malfunctioning IT cloud reveal itself with its hardware localities, cooling agents, compiling errors) In the moment of destruction, energy or debris is released, so destruction is never free from a production paradigm.