How to set up your laptop as light, sound and video player?

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Tools you need:

  • Laptop
  • USBtoDMX-Box(i.e. Enttec) approx. 80 Euro
  • Audio-Interface(i.e. Tascam US-16x08) approx. 280 Euro

Tools you might need:

  • adapter for your laptop to HDMI

Software to Download:

How to do It:

1. Set up the hardware. Plug your USBtoDMX and Audio-USB-Interface into your USB Ports of your computer. If they need external power put that on.

2. plug your HDMI cable into your adapter or in your computer

3. set up your Audio-Interface and make it work

4. install your QLC+ 4.12.2Link zur Homepage

5. open it and klick q light controller plus, at first we will setup the DMX Control to manage the light.

6. now you see Universe klick on the USBtoDMX row under the mapping button and hit the screwdriver/wrench Button and connect the Enttec as Output

7. Go to Inputs/Outputs at the end of the lower bar, now get back to fixtures and create a Generic fixture according to your dimmer size. If you have a bigger system with a lot of Channels and some RGB fixtures it could be helpful to use the presets. For testing create a dimmer with four channels so you test just the first four DMX Channels. you could test your light set up on the Simple desk. Just move the sliders and check if your fixtures go on and off.

9. to create a scene with your fixtures go to Functions and then to scene add all your fixtures and chose their values on dimmers.

10. Now breath a moment and try to understand how QLC+ works. Basically we create functions under the function tab. and to control these functions we create another function called chaser.

11. So to play a sound file you need to create a function by going to Functions and then click on the note icon an choose a file. After that you could define a fade in and fade out time. And the Audio-device. So set that to your Audio-Device if you have non then set it to Build in output.

12. After that create a chaser with the name Test or any other name that you like. By clicking on the green arrow with yellow circle.

13. Add to this chaser your song by clicking the green plus and selecting it. You could also add here your scene.

14. now you have to change the duration to your needs if you want the full song just put the duration to infinite by clicking the clock and check the tiny white box under Common hold to Infinite

15. if you push play now you should here your song.

16. it works the same with video.

17. now lets create an environment to run chaser aka the show.

18. go to virtual environment and add a new cue list.

19. double click on it and add your chaser Test under cue list and the green hook.

20. go to next cue and key combination klick the picture of the keyboard keys and hit space to define space as your key

21. now close that and hit the green play button to switch into show mode

22. hit the play button on your cue list to start it and t will play the first cue. to play the second hit space.

So now you are able to control sound light and video with your laptop. you could even control it with OSC or MIDI. their are a lot of options you could create very complex systems. a good point to start deeper are video tutorials on YouTube just search for QLC+ and Tutotial