How to pass the standards?

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If you are dealing with a lot of work before you even start your common six weeks of rehearsal time as you have to code stuff or write a script, explain that this is part of the playwriting which it is, so you should get paid for it. In case the common time framing makes no sense to you, try to find a way to reschedule. Try to find out if the theatre you are working with is more flexible with time frames at the beginning or the end of the season. But this is something you should discuss early. If you want to deal with small numbers of spectators in your show, you should discuss that early, too. Every number that is below sixty is a topic to discuss. Small amounts of attendees often create a lot of sold-out shows what is a good thing for the theatre. They can polish their audience numbers with that. Keep that in mind and try to schedule more than one show per day. Be careful usually the actors will be paid less for the second show. If you want your audience to leave their seats during the show or never even seated down from the beginning on you have to discuss this as well. In Germany, there are strict rules from the Fire Departments. Your code word is “Bestuhlungsplan”. After all that, organize a meeting at least two months before you start the project with all departments. Usually, they like to know what exactly do you want to do because this allows them to calculate their amount of work. I know - you don't know much, half a year before the production even started. But try to be as specific as you can be. Things can and will change but without any information, they can ́t start working. If you are not sure always go with the option that gives you the most opportunities in the end. Get your coworkers into your process and don't be shy to create work that finally isn’t used. This meeting is your kick-off and your first chance to build up trust. So be nice. Be prepared. Bring CAKE.