How to: build a mini Dome Pod from Drinking Straws

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This idea was inspired and enabled by:

  • the lovely Build with HUBs Geodisic Dome KITS and their POD variation
  • the fact that wooden drinking straws fit snugly inside silicone drinking straws
  • the fact that the silicone drinking straws are easy to cut, punch and screw together to make custom connector parts

PDF instructions


The difference between the DOME (a half sphere) and the POD is that the POD has an extra layer of "short" and "long" sticks making it higher without increasing the diameter.

Here images of a DOME and then a DOME POD made using 20cm long wood straws as the "longs" in the design: 51718628270_e1fa249102_c.jpg


These are basically the illustrated plans for assembling the longs, shorts and connectors to make a DOME or POD: 51716957552_eaffb1e3b5_c.jpg

Calculating the size of your dome/pod

You can use the lovely website to calculate the lengths of your longs and shorts. make your life easy by picking the long length to be as long as your staws are.

Materials & Tools

  • 95 x wood drinking straws (20cm long)
  • 30 x silicone drinking straws (20cm long)
  • 36 x M4 nuts and bolts
  • 72 x washer rings


Material Costs

  • 35 Euro for wood straws
  • 25 Euro for silicone straws
  • 15 Euro for screws and washers
  • TOTAL: 75 Euro


for a DOME you will make:

  • 20 x 6-way connectors
  • 6 x 5-way connectors
  • 35 x 20cm longs
  • 30 x 16,7cm shorts

for a DOME POD you will make:

  • 20 x 6-way connectors
  • 6 x 5-way connectors
  • 10 x 4-way connectors
  • 45 x 20cm longs
  • 50 x 16,7cm shorts



6-way silicone straw connector

51718628070_971dd3ce48_c.jpg 51718416239_95165737e3_c.jpg

5-way silicone straw connector

51716957397_92dd79d425_c.jpg 51716957362_e92a0f3190_c.jpg

4-way silicone staw connector

51718629470_dae7f08031_c.jpg 51717760771_edc214cb82_c.jpg

straw sticks



Add a door


In Use

A good size for small people:


As a model space in the project Random Acts of Vulnerability:

51716443122_4890d4e547_c.jpg 51717251476_401150948d_c.jpg

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