Game on Stage: Altruistic Modification

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'A performative making experience by: Luise Ehrenwert (komplexbrigade) Anna Vera Kelle (hfs Berlin) Nora Köhler (Das Planetenparty Prinzip) Hannah Perner-Wilson (hfs Berlin) Performed for the first time during On Stage at FFT Düsseldorf, Saturday March 14th, 10am This “performative making experience” was based on the idea that taking parts apart (to see what is inside and understand how they work, in order to re-make them differently), could be used as a hands-on experience for participants to engage with other narratives. The idea of "making as a means of other experiences" had been fermenting in my mind for some time, but the LEG-9 narrative and performance was conceived and realized during one long last evening at Game on Stage, and performed early the next morning. It was a first try to explore the format, and thematically influenced by the spread of COVID-19. Photos >> Game on Stage >> Game on Stage docu >> Game on Stage zine >>

The Experiance

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The Story

A recent outbreak of the Loose Empathy Gift virus [LEG-9] has caused researchers to discover that human empathy may well be the result of an Empathy Gift virus. Human empathy has until now been considered to be a cognitive emotional ability. This new information, that empathy is in fact the result of a non-human cell-culture that we host within us, may well give us cause to rethink our relations with our emotions and foreign cells. LEG-9 causes infected individuals to experience lower levels of empathy because the LEG-9 virus cells in their body render the Empathy Gift cells [EG-4] defunct. Common practice in developing virus cures has been to eradicate viral cells. A new movement towards Altruistic Modification Methods (AMMs) looks to shift human cures away from human-centric acts of destruction. It considers life-forms harmful to human life to have rights for their survival, and thus calls for altruistic methods in the treatment of such conflicts.

The Virus


The Altruistic Modification Process

Empathy Gift virus [EG-4] x200px Loose Empathy Gift virus [LEG-9] --> Modified LEG-9 [MLEG-9] x200px

The For