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In the seminar will look at the basic texts of early and late Cyber- and Technofeminism, while situating it in the context of historical feminism and gaining insights into the discourse. The days are divided into day 1+2 BASICS, COLLECTIVES+MANIFESTOS, day 3 GAMING+POPCULTURE+CULTURE WARS (texts and days intertwine). Due to the shortness of time, we will not be able to discuss all texts in detail. Rather, the aim is to pinpoint the basic statements and get into a conversation with each other. Participants are encouraged to bring in their own knowledge (be it from articles, movies, games, texts, memes, personal stories, etc) and to exchange experiences. During the course we will work together on a mindmap where content is implemented and linked, but also questions are asked and keywords are recorded. At best, the mindmap will grow beyond the course and serve us as a theoretical creative networking tool.

Reading Material

  • 1. Judy Wacjman - Feminsim confronts Technology   
  • 2. Sadie Plant - Zeros and Ones      
  • 3. Paul B. Preciado - Testo Junkie Chap 2: The pharmacopornographic Era  + Chap 6: TechnoGender 
  • 4. Faith Wilding/ Marie Fernandez  - Situating Cyberfeminism + Where is the Feminism in Cyberfeminism    
  • 5. Legacy Russell - Glitch Feminism 
  • 6. Lucia Sommer: In/Visible Body: Notes on Biotechnologies’ Vision 
  • 7. Lisa Nakamura - Rassismus, Sexismus und der grausame Optimismus im Gaming 
  • 8. Angela Nagel - Kill all Normies 
    • Chap 1: The leaderless digital counter-revolution
    • Chap 5: From Tumblr to the campus wars: creating scarcity in an online economy of virtue,
    • Chap 6: Entering the manosphere  
  • 9. Donna J. Haraway - A Cyborg Manifesto  
  • 10. VNS Matrix - A Cyberfeminist Manifesto for the 21st Century 
  • 11. OLD BOYS NETWORK - 1000 Antitheses of Cyberfeminism 
  • 12. Labora Cuboniks - Xenofeminismus

Links and further reading:

  • Cyberfeminism Index [1]