Communicating Bodies

Aus hyperdramatik
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Workshop Beschreibung und Ressourcen

This two-week (5day) workshop brings together textile, costume and product design students from Weissensee University, and students from the MA program S&&O of the performing arts university berlin. Together we want to play with body language, textile sensors and sound. Given a new medium such as wearable technology, what new ways of communicating emerge?

Instructors: Mika Satomi, Hannah Perner-Wilson

This workshop used the spaghetti monster KIT

Workshop photos:

Workshop documentation:


Workshop Dokumentation: Gruppenergebnisse

Gruppe 1

Gruppe1.jpg Communicating Bodies in Interaktion. 2 Spielende mit jeweils einem ESP und spezialisierten Sensoren.

Sensor Funktion

Sensor2.jpg Sensor5.jpg

Pure Data Patch

Gruppe 2


Sensor Funktion

Sensor4.jpg Sensor6.jpg

Pure Data Patch

Gruppe 3


Sensor Funktion


Pure Data Patch

Gruppe 4

Gruppe4 1.jpg

Sensor Funktion


Pure Data Patch